21 Dec 2014, 15:23

Migrating to Hugo


A blog like this one can easily be totally statically served, as long as you don’t need a comments section. As a plus, Github will happily serve it for you for free, even at your own domain name.

Originally I was using Octopress, which in turn wraps Jekyll. Gradually, though, I became annoyed at having to manage the entire RVM / Ruby / RubyGems ecosystem for a simple blogging utility (the only thing I actually used Ruby for).

Hugo is a better alternative for me - a single, statically linked, Golang-based executable with a simple invokation pattern. It’s as extensible as I need it to be (that is, not very), and requires far less work (to wit, none) every 6 months when I upgrade my OS.

Links might break until I figure out how to change the naming scheme (documentation is not as rich as for Octopress / Jekyll), but you should be able to find anything with a little ctrl-f magic.